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Walton Rods Fly Rods 2020 Holiday Buying Guide

Walton Rods fly rods

Got a fly fisherman in your family? Here's where to start with Walton Rods fly rods

Christmas is a great time to give a gift that will last a lifetime, as well as something that is meaningful and full of thought. This year, when you are thinking of what to get that fly fisherman in your family, think Walton Rods. Every Walton in our current lineup is built in the USA as well as coming complete with a protective tube and lifetime warranty. You won't find a better value in the fly fishing industry.

C9 fly rod - A quick step up in performance and value

There isn't much we can say about the C9 that hasn't already been said by the many fly fisherman who fish this rod currently throughout the world. As most of our Walton Rods fly rods, the C9 is a standard 9ft, 4pc rod and a classic example of medium fast action. It's light, sensitive, accurate, and everything you would expect in a quality fly rod. The C9 is great for beginners looking for their first rod. It's also great for somebody who already has a lesser quality fly rod and is looking for a step up that will last a lifetime. You can't go wrong here. They'll be happy. Price: currently on sale for $276.25

Sully fly rod - Performance that matters when you need it

Does the fly fisherman in your family already have a few fly rods? Well, surprise them with a Sully and they'll never fish those other rods again. The Sully is a workhorse rod that offers a true medium fast, but a faster tip section. This fly rod shines in faster waters chasing bigger fish. The full rod bend allows for more bend of the rod to work in favor of the fly fisherman instead of putting that extra pressure on the tippet or hook. The Sully is dedicated to a 5wt and 6wt 9ft, 4pc rod only. As we find, most people who own one, own the other. Price: currently on sale for $296.65

N7 fly rod - A small water masterpiece

If the fly fisherman on your list fishes small streams and tight water, they'll love the N7. Measuring in at only 7ft long, the N7 is a small water dream. As a dedicated 3wt or 4wt rod, every fish they catch will feel like a monster, but this rod has the ability to land big fish when the need arises. You'll have the option to choose between a 2pc model or a 4pc model and either one is a great choice. Just like with our other rods, the N7 is built in the USA in our own shop and comes with a lifetime warranty. These rods are built as they are ordered. Often times there is a delay from the moment the order is placed to when the rod is received. If you want this for Christmas, you better hurry. Price- currently on sale for $250.75

CS fly rod - all the performance with custom options

Okay, now we are talking. The CS is a premium performance rod that allows the customer the ability to change colors, grip, guides, etc. Your imagination is the only limitation. Got a favorite sports team? How about a favorite college? With this fast action rod, you can match the colors of the wraps to anything you like. Every CS is built in our own shop in Rifle, Colorado. Just like with the N7, these take longer to build because of the customization and can take up to three weeks or more before delivery. Instead of buying a standard fly rod, the CS is the option that makes it personal. Price - currently on sale for $330.65.

MT6 fly rod - The leader of the pack

Maybe you've got a fly fisherman that has it all. They love top end and like being on the edge of technology when it comes to rods. Well, they've not seen anything like the MT6. Designed to be a premium performance at the far end of the scale, the MT6 is light, extra fast, responsive, and on the brink of current technology that is available in rod design. As most have found, when they compare the MT6 against other high end rods, those rods loose. The MT6 is simply that good. Every MT6 is built in our own shop in Rifle, Colorado. Lead time can take longer than other rod because of the technicality that goes into every build. Pice: currently on sale for $476.

Avail Fly Reel - Just a better fly reel

If you are going to get a fly rod, might as well take advantage of the presale going on over at Range Reels. As a fully owned subsidiary of Walton Rods, Range is making fly reels better with the launch of the Avail. Starting with a spool that is grooved out, you can expect to be able to line more backing than ever before. You also get a full sealed drag, CNC performance aluminum, and a cutting edge design. All reels are expected to be delivered in February or March with full retail beginning after that. Price: Currently on presale for $170.

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