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Walton Fly Fishing Rods Warranty

Lifetime Repair/Replace Warranty Fly Rods

A lifetime warranty of wraps, cork, tips, and line guides apply to all rods that Walton Rods makes for the lifetime of the rod. This means that all assembled components of the completed rod is covered should a breakdown of any components occur. A repair/replace of this component is covered for shipping and handling charges only, normally in the $15 to $20 range. 

Should a break of the blank occur in the first year from the date of purchase, a 90% coverage of the cost of the rod shall apply to repair or replace that rod. After two years from the date of the purchase, a 60% coverage of the purchase price of the rod shall apply for the repair/replace.  

Should a break of the blank occur after the 3rd year of the date of purchase, and every year thereafter, a 50% coverage cost of the purchase price shall occur to repair/replace that rod.


If it is determined that a break resulted from intentional abuse or misuse of the rod, our warranty does not apply.


If something does happen to your fly rod and you feel it falls under the warranty, please notify us in writing and include all circumstances of the situation and how you would like it resolved. Walton Rods will then reply with options to handle the issue, to include a return of the rod back to us. If the rod can not be repaired for any reason, a new rod of similar value to the original purchase price of the rod in question will be offered for 50% of new purchase price.  .

*** Please keep your receipt of purchase. We will do our best to find your original purchase price from our internal records.. If you can't locate it, and we can't locate it, an automatic 50% coverage of the full price of the rod shall apply for a repair/replace/swap

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