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Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey Review from Real Fly Fishermen

Dry Fly Triticale is not what you are expecting...


If you didn't already know, Dry Fly Distillery has a pretty noticeable following from fly fishing circles all over the US. When we found a bottle at our local liquor store and posted about it on our social media, the comments began to flood in. Overwhelmingly, the comments were very positive and the love of this whiskey brand was apparent. What did we think of Triticale? It definitely had some rye undertones that are hard to explain, but the American whiskey finish is what made it pretty special.

Just the other day on our way home from a little dinner date, we stopped in our small home-town liquor store to grab some wine to have by the camp fire later that evening. While I was searching the rows for a cool new beer to try down the road, my girlfriend said something to the effect of "Babe, have you ever heard of Dry Fly whiskey? It's got a dry fly on it." Immediately I half ran over to where she was standing and was face to face with a bottle I've only seen on social media pages and the Internet. Triticale was the only option, and the single bottle on the shelf meant it had to be mine.

The Taste of Triticale

Apparently, a frequent customer of this liquor store had special ordered some a while back and the clerk ordered an extra bottle just to put on the shelf. He said it had been sitting there for a a while waiting on just the right customer. Well, as soon we got home, we cracked it open and dove in. Our immediate impression was that of a rye. Neither one of us are super huge rye fans, but the after taste is what made us instant lovers of this whiskey. It's a strange evolution, but the taste flows into a gold old wheat American whiskey. I am by no means a whiskey connoisseur. Honestly, I barely drink at all. However, I do like a good whiskey from time to time. Straight Triticale from Dry Fly definitely fits that bill.

Part of what makes Straight Triticale so different is the grain used to create this whiskey to start with. Triticale is a grain that is a hybrid between rye and wheat. Therefore, when Dry Fly made a whiskey out of it, the taste is exactly that. Hard to explain but seemingly the best of both worlds.

I hope to one day walk into some other small town store and find another bottle of Dry Fly sitting on the shelf. Hopefully where you are, it's readily available. If so, I'd recommend giving this a try. I put ice in mine, but like I said, I'm not much a drinker. According to all the comments we received, most prefer this brand over many others. Regardless, we think any whiskey drinker would appreciate Dry Fly Triticale.

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