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Are Shady Rays Good for Fishing? Here's What We Found

Shady Rays is proof you don't need to spend a lot to get a lot for a good pair of fishing sunglasses.

We've been fishing Shady Rays polarized sunglasses for most of the summer. Seeing as our business is fly fishing, a great pair of sunglasses is a must. Over the years, we've fished about every pair of polarized glass you can imagine, from gas station brands when you forget them at home, to high dollar glasses you are afraid to wear because you don't want to break them. In the end, sunglasses tend to be one of the most important pieces of equipment a fly fisherman can have on the water. So, are Shady Rays good for fishing? The short answer, yes. The longer answer, it's still a yes, and here's why.

Shady Rays have been around since 2012, based out of Kentucky. You've probably seen their advertising on social media, but up until we purchased our first pair this summer on a whim, we've never known anyone personally who has fished them. Assuming you are just unfamiliar as we were, they offer an unbeatable warranty program which seems too good to be true. They also offer free shipping in the USA. On top of all that, they donate to food banks across the US for every pair of sunglasses sold. With all that in mind, it was hard to not take a chance to see if Shady Rays were going to work out on the water.

The Good

If you fish, you know the importance of polarized glasses. Some of the big names in the fishing industry make you think through their marketing that they are the only game in town. However, when Shady Rays sunglasses cost less than $50, they are worth serious consideration. On top of that, the warranty was mentioned above. What this entails is that if you break or loose your sunglasses for any reason, they'll replace them for free, twice, before you have to buy a new pair. That's hard to beat, especially for under $50.

So, are Shady Rays good for fishing? Yes. They work for me. I have been wearing the X Series all summer, as well as their Classics and Signature series. The X Series encompasses my entire eye, providing full coverage. The lenses are dark which can make seeing into the water on a cloudy day more difficult, but as compared to glasses that are hundreds more, the difference is minimal at best.

The Bad

If there is one area that I have had issue with Shady Rays is that they have the tendency to steam up and get foggy. We've taken these fly fishing for carp on 90 degree days to fly fishing for red fish in Louisiana in the marsh. It's not bad, and quite honestly, the fogging is better than the sunglasses I used to wear. The X Series that I wear fit pretty snug up to the eye. There isn't much room for heat and moisture to escape, so the only place it has to go is on the lens. I have not looked into any aftermarket sprays or anything to prevent this from happening, because like i wrote, it's not that bad, but it does happen.

For the money you can spend on fishing sunglasses, Shady Rays is worth a look. The warranty alone, as well as the charity work in helping with hunger issues across the US, made them an easy choice for us. The performance and fishability has made us repeat customers. Also, for the record, we wrote this on our own accord. We are getting no compensation of any kind from Shady Rays. We just like their glasses and thought you should know there are other options out there that aren't going to cost you hundreds of dollars.

See you on the water,

Walton Rods

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