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WV Natives know why they call it fishing

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

It’s either fishing or it’s catching. WV Natives know there is a big difference. 

Before I was married with a newborn son and fishing was my life, I spent close to 250 days a year on the water. These days I still fish a lot, but probably about 100 days or so now. Regardless of the time spent on the water, there were and continue to be far more strikeouts than home runs. Just as you are about to see in this new video from WV Natives, it happens to all of us.

You know the best part about this video isn’t the scenery, the landscapes, or even the story behind the action, but it’s the fact that if you go fishing to catch fish, you often times miss out on the entire experience of the trip. Granted, these guys caught a few fish, but they still had a heck of a good time in the process.

I can relate to the being frozen part, too. One specific fishing trip to Colorado we got caught in a freak snow storm at real high elevations in the spring. None of us brought warm enough clothes, but we made a giant fire and started passing whiskey around just to stay warm.

That night spent trying to keep from freezing to death is still one of my best memories of any fishing trip I’ve ever been on.

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