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Fly Fishing for Sharks is a can't miss great time

If you are going to fly fish in the ocean, might as well go for a shark.

Now that "Shark Week" has come and gone, it has got us thinking about the next time we are going to head to the salt and chase a shark down ourselves. We've been looking at trying our hand at the blacktip migration down in Florida. Maybe, even a bull shark adventure down in Louisiana. Who knows? Regardless, if we are fly fishing for sharks somewhere, it will be a good trip.

A few years ago, we did a trip to California fly fishing for makos. The water was unseasonably warm for the time we were there and a lot of the resident makos were farther out out to sea, but we did get a few. Check this out below.

So yeah, that happened. That was Mike's first shark on the fly. Even though it was a little one, it still did all the sharky things a mako is expected to do on the fly. It jumped, ripped a little line, put a nice bend in the rod, and it allowed for a great picture at the end.

Maybe this winter we'll get back into it. Hopefully. Got any recommendations of where we could go for a can't miss opportunity at a big shark? I mean, if we accidentally hook into a great white, crap happens, right?

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