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The Native Series From Walton Rods: A Small Water Dream Stick

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The upcoming launch by Walton Rods will feature the Native Series Fly Fishing Rod. It is THAT good. 

On March 1st, 2017, Walton Rods will officially launch through Kickstarter. Even though Kickstarter isn’t a necessity, it does bring a ton of publicity and that is something a newer company to the industry needs. However, what good is a company launch unless there are top quality products to float it? Well, we got you covered. The Series One and Native Series rods are simply top shelf sticks.

We will get into the weeds more on what makes the Series One such a good rod, but first, let’s look at the Native. This seven foot USA handcrafted rod is made out of 68 million modulus graphite. It also has a backbone that other smaller fly rods just simply don’t. The reason behind this is that the same taper from the Series One has been shrunken down and fit into this dynamite little package.

As far as the overall action, it is a solid medium flex and will only be available in a 3-4wt. However, it can still chuck smaller buggers or even poppers for bass. To be clear though, the Native Series was designed for dry flies on small mountain streams where overgrowth makes a nine foot rod nearly impossible to use. Our collaboration with Natives Fly Fishing ensured this quality to be true. Their hand in the design is what made this rod come about.

The Native is a two-piece rod and will list at $295 with a lifetime warranty and include a rod tube. During the Kickstarter, the price will be discounted but only during the length of the Kickstarter. If you want one at a lower price, that would be the time to get it.

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