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Walton Team Member Catches Rare Costa Rican Trout

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

It’s not often fly fishermen get the chance to chase after this Costa Rican trout 

Capt. Jesse Males, of Backwater Fly Fishing, has done something that not many people around the world ever get the chance to do. Seeing as Males lives in Costa Rica, it shouldn’t be too surprising that catching these high elevation “tico” trout is so rare, but it is. Since rainbow trout were stocked in Costa Rica back in 1950’s by American soldiers, these things have taken off.

Now, here’s Males, also a Walton Rods team member, showing the world just how special these jungle trout really are.

Pretty cool, eh? Since their stockings, these rainbows have sort of developed into their own special species. Their color patterns are changing some, but no research has been done to determine anything else.

Even though we have absolutley no evidence to back to this up, one could argue that more of these tico trout have been caught using a Walton rod than any other fly rod in the world. Even more so, our 7ft, N-7 rod, just might be the best rod ever created to catch one. Who knows? But that’s our story and we are sticking to it.

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