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Walton Rods Are Not Just About Trout!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

You can catch a whole lot more than just trout on a Walton! 

Fly fishing isn’t just just for trout! For proof of that, Capt. Jesse Males, currently living in Costa Rica, but visiting Florida on recent fishing trip, put his size 4-5 Series One Walton to the test on some small pond bass. As you are about to see in one of his videos just published to YouTube, any bend that a fish can put in a fly rod is a good bend.

We here at Walton Rods believe that all fish matter. Any fish that can be caught on a fly rod should be. It’s just better for everyone involved…

Here in Indiana, the home of Walton Rods, bass, carp, muskie, panfish, and occasional coldwater fish up around Lake Michigan are the species that make up the tests behind what makes a Walton a Walton. Our team members out west, like Spencer Watson, Drew Baker, and Sally Schmidt make it happen with trout.

Fishing season is just getting started everyone. Here’s to a great fall!

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