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Walton Long Sleeve UPF Shirts and Face Masks Coming Soon!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

It’s about time! Right? 

Walton Rods is excited to announce a partnership with Recover to launch long-sleeve UPF shirts available through What makes this partnership unique is that Recover specializes in USA-made fabric 100% created from recycled bottles, mostly taken out of rivers and streams from across the country. The results are shirts that are surprisingly soft and lightweight that you can wear anywhere, but especially on the water.

“We have been looking to launch an apparel line for some time now. I have talked with overseas manufacturers and been quoted prices that, frankly, make me sick at the pennies on the dollar options available that so many in the fishing industry purchase, then jack the prices up,” said Brad Smith, president of Walton Rods in an interview. “It’s for this reason we haven’t done it. However, when we started talking with Recover, it all came together.”

The Process

Recover uses recycled bottles, grinds them up, and turns it all into fabric at their plant in the Carolinas. From here, the fabric is shipped to Haiti and Guatemala as part of a co-op to pay higher wages to people who otherwise would be taken advantage of for their labor due to their economic conditions. In our opinion, this responsible and ethical approach is the way business should be done. Just like Walton Rods, Recover puts principles above profits, and that is why this connection just makes sense.


At this time, long sleeve 30 UPF shirts will be available for $29.99. UPF 30 face masks will be available at the same time, all made out of the same 100% recycled material. These will be priced at $16.99 per face mask. As a special promotion, proceeds of the first month’s sales of the face masks will be donated directly to the Colorado Fish and Wildlife K-9 division. Expect sales to start sometime around April, 2018. 

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