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New Walton MT6 Fly Fishing Rod is Practical Peak Performance At Its Finest

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

For five years running, Walton Rods has been creating disruptive rods that many anglers love. We can’t thank you enough for the repeat business and the referrals. Our rod sales continue to rise month after month, we have started a rod shop in Colorado, and a sister reel company is on the way for fall 2020. Things are looking up. Now, we are stepping up our game and entering the high-performance market of fly rods.

For those that can manipulate an extra fast action rod, the water opens up in ways that can’t be described in an article. It’s something you have to feel and see to understand. Longer distances are suddenly achievable. Landing a fly in a pocket 60 to 90 feet away becomes easy. Tighter loops and softer lay-downs are the norm. Like all things, it just takes practice. The longer an angler fly fishes and perfects their cast, the more an extra fast action rod makes sense.

Walton MT6 Fly Fishing Rod is all about Performance

Now, enter the Walton MT6. This dedicated 5wt and 8wt series is unlike anything currently on the market. There is no greater value in the fly fishing industry and we say this confidently. We decided on creating the 5wt because it’s the number one weight of fly rod in the world for a reason. We wanted the 8wt because, well, anyone who fishes saltwater has an 8wt. Now, everyone will have the ability to get their own top-tier rod at an insane value. Priced at $595 for the 5wt and $649 for 8wt, you can’t make a better choice if you are looking for a top tier rod that is not only economically practical for its class, but a high performance rod as well.

Walton MT6

Every Walton MT6 Fly Fishing Rod will feature a proprietary high modulus XF blank, titanium guides, the highest grade cork we can get, performance grade aluminum reel seat, a beautiful finish, and a lifetime warranty. Through our sales process we include no middle men, no fly shops, no marketing team, and no fluff. We sell direct. We place a margin on our rods that is fair to both the fisherman and us as a business so we can stay in business, and that’s it. This rod should retail in the $850 range. However, we believe in putting our values and ethics ahead of our greed, so $595 and $649 it is.

If you are in the market for a performance rod that you can be proud of, grow with, and be the envy of anyone on the water, the Walton MT6 is for you. If you don’t agree, you’ll have 30 days to return it for a no questions asked money back return policy. How’s that for putting our money where out mouth is?

Be on the lookout starting in June, 2020.

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