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Walton Rods to add a spinning and casting lineup for 2020.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Walton Rods is about to take the next step.

Walton Rods, primarily known internationally as a fly rod company, is branching out to into the world of spinning and casting rods for 2020. This has always been a part of the plan for growth, but after four years of making fly rods, the time has come to take the next step. What are these rods going to look like? Well, if they are like their fly rods, they are going to be something else.

Recently, we were able to catch up with Brad Smith, co-founder and president of Walton Rods, and talked a little bit about this new lineup. Specifically, we asked him a few straight forward questions. First off, why now?

“A Walton casting rod or a Walton spinning rod has always been a part of the plan. Most rod companies start out in the opposite direction, but we all love fly fishing, so we are just doing it our way. After almost five years of a pretty solid business, we are debt free, own four lines of fly rods, and ready to take that next step. It’s pretty exciting to see what we can do here.”

So obviously, the next question, what is going to make these rods so different?

“Internally, we are talking about these rods as the choice of the Saturday bass league. They will be priced in the middle $100 range, but the value will far surpass that. As with fly fishing, big corporations own the industry. Direct imports, cheap rods, and high dollar marketing campaigns rule. We just aren’t about that. Instead, we are making a lineup of rods that are actually built right here in America, super light, super strong, hyper sensitive, and just flat out catch fish. We are going to market straight to the customer and provide a rod that even the big names will use when they aren’t on contract claiming they are using something else. “

All of the new Walton Rods lineup will be available through, as well as following along on their social media.

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