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Upcoming Walton Rod Native Series Fly Rod is Eastern US Fisherman’s Dream

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The Native Series fly fishing rod is going to change the way some people fish. 

A lot has been happening behind the scenes at Walton Rods these days. For example, an initial round of Native Series 7-foot, 3-4wt rods were sent out to select team members and ambassadors to get a feel for how the fishing community is going to react once these rods hit the market. As we hoped, we received nothing but rave reviews.

Don’t just take our word for it. Fly fishing guide and West Virginia Native, Doug Matthews, shared his thoughts about this new rod on Instagram.

digduhg That rod roll casts better than any shorter rod I have ever casted! @mcfly_outdoors@waltonrods

We feel the same way. However, Walton Rods ambassador Micah Crider (above), had this to share about his experience with the rod so far.

m_crider21@waltonrods and I can attest that it is a great small water rod. Casts lighter flys with ease yet has a backbone. Looking forward to using it more!

As far as the rod itself goes, it is built out of a 68 million modulus graphite blank with a composite cork grip. After plenty of collaboration and design consultation with Natives Fly Fishing, this rod features a slower taper than our Series One rods, and also a more medium action. What this creates is an absolute stellar rod for small water that will cast better and make you more effective where bigger rods struggle due to streamside overgrowth and limited back casts.

Stay tuned for more info, but a Kickstarter is planned for early 2017 to officially launch the Natives Series, as well as our Series One 9ft rod. Both series of rods will be $295 with a lifetime warranty. However, expect solid discounts for our launch.

See you on the water,

Brad Smith

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