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New for 2020, Introducing the Walton Rods CS Fly Fishing Rod

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Custom Selection options are now available!

New for 2020, Walton Rods is proud to introduce the next series of fly fishing rods to our lineup, the Walton CS. We’ve tossed around names for this series for a while, but eventually ended up on CS for one main reason; it’s what we were calling them from the beginning! What we have created is a high performance rod with a faster medium fast action, top notch components, and the ability to be used through multiple presentations, but yet still give the angler the ability to change a few things on the rod if they want.

This custom selection (CS…get it?) option was a driving force in the development of this rod. We can use the same ultra-light, high performance blank, but now the angler can choose their own color of rod wraps, reel seat, label, or other options on a case by case basis. 

The Walton Rods CS is a very responsive blank that is incredibly light with a faster medium fast action that isn’t too fast where you can loose your cast, but just fast enough that even for a beginner, they can get the distance they are hoping for. For an expert, this rod is simply a producer. Being a high performance blank, but not a tip-flex, you’ll be able to feel the entire action of the rod during the cast. From the moment you first pick it up, you’ll be able to tell that you are holding something just a little different.

What makes this rod even more special is that every CS is made by Mike Malchow in our custom rod shop in Rifle, Colorado. Mike is the Walton Rods co-founder and also a retired Army Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment. After over a decade in service, Mike moved to Colorado and became a full time trout and elk guide. In other words, he knows his stuff. Mike was also the man responsible for the development of the Sully, so the CS is just another example of know-how being put in practice.

Base model CS fly rods will retail at $349. These rods will consist of different patterns of thread wraps, mixed with different combinations of reel seats, all paired with the natural dark color of the graphite CS rod. Custom options will be $399. If an angler decides they want to pick their own thread wrap colors, a different reel seat, perhaps even Ti guides, they can. They can even have written whatever they want on their own custom label. Either option will be backed up by an $80 repair or replace warranty.

Every Walton Rods CS, other than base models, will only be available during select times when anglers will be able to place pre-orders for their rods to be made. Small stream rods, standard 9ft rods, euro style rods, and even saltwater rods are all options that will be made available. The first pre-orders will begin to be accepted in late December of 2019 with the first rods expected to be delivered to customers in a reasonable time after the close of pre-order period. 

All pre-order rods are made to order, so please understand there will be a time delay to get them to you after your order has been placed. Full communication will be available throughout the process, as well as photo updates of your rod as completion gets closer.

Here’s to 2020. It sure looks like it’s going to be even better than 2019!

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