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Machaca are no match for the Walton 4-5.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

If want to catch a machaca with a fly fishing rod, ask Jesse Males 

Walton Rods team member, and resident Costa Rican fishing specialist Jesse Males, knows how to catch all sorts of jungle fish. Moving down there permanently a little while ago, chasing machaca has become somewhat of a pastime. As you are about to see in the video below, he’s pretty dang good at it too.

If you are not familiar with machaca, they are sort of a big shad mixed with a tarpon, mixed with a piranha. They don’t get very big, but they are crazy fighters and an absolute blast on a fly rod.

We have to admit that it sure is awfully cool seeing our flagship rod knocking out jungle fish down in Costa Rica. It’s also pretty cool watching Jesse Males being the guy putting a hurting on them. Seeing as he owns Backwater Fly Fishing, as well as being a writer for Wide Open Spaces, we sure are lucky to have him.

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