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Kickstarter Update: Right On Time

After the success of our Kickstarter, everything is running right on time! 

As of today, 4/26, all parts, pieces, and blanks have been ordered. Since everything is custom made, this does take longer to get pieces in. Should we buy all our parts from China, it would be a quick turnaround, however, we just don’t do things that way. With that being said, if I had to put a date on it, I can give a rough time frame that all rods will be delivered by the end of June. I’ll be able to give more updates as everything starts rolling in, but that is what it looks like for now.

Also, all rods tubes are already in. The tubes for the 7ft rod a much narrower than the 9ft foot rod. They are the same black color as the standard tubes as well. Hats will be in another week or so. Once I get them in, I’ll ship them all out to those that ordered them along with the gift cards for those that ordered the line. I’d expect those out the door by the middle/end of May.

We got some big news on the horizon folks. If you follow us on social media, you’ll be seeing what we are working on sooner that later.

Brad Smith

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