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Easily Switch your Avail Fly Reel Retrieve

We get asked all the time how to switch the Avail the retrieve from right to left handed. So...we made a video about it!

Switching the retrieve of the new Avail fly reel by Walton Rods, is a very simple process. We should know. We designed it this way. Just like riding a bike, when you do it once, you'll never forget how to do it again.

There you go. Literally, it's that simple. If you've got a hex head, you are in business and ready to go. The Avail fly reel consists of an elegant design, a super strong sealed disc drag, and a grooved out saddle spool for extra backing space. For only $219 for the silver reels and $229 for the black version, you would be hard pressed to find anything else better in the market.

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