Welcome to the Range. Whether you are fly fishing 10 minutes from home, 10 hours, or 10 days; you need a fly reel that won't let you down. We aren't reinventing fly reels. We are just making them better.​ Any fish, any time, any water in the world. 

With Range Reels, you can pick up one of these beautiful fly reels individually, or make it a combo with your new Walton fly rod. Just choose one of the reel sizes below to match your rod, and you are good to go. Spare spools are also available. 

Every Avail Offers

  • Full Lifetime warranty

  • Grooved saddle spool for extra backing space

  • Hex head screw design

  • CNC Precision

  • Carbon Fiber Sealed Drag

  • Made from single piece T6061 aluminum


Fish your way

At Range, we worry about the small things. When you are the on the water and have concerns if your reel has enough backing, if the drag will hold, if the line will get caught up on the spool, or any of the other myriad of issues that can come up while fly fishing, it takes away from the experience.


This is why we make high quality, all around, all purpose, trouble free fly reels that allow you to focus on the mend, hookset, fight, and release of any fish you may encounter on your fly fishing journey.