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Walton Rods to Launch #KindFly Campaign, Earn Free Stuff!

#KindFly is the type of thing that can start a movement. 

Walton Rods was founded with a few simple things in mind. One of the primary principles was to help promote the community of fly fishing. After attending their first ever fly show at the Heartland Fly Fishing Festival in mid January, they were overwhelmed with positivity from the community. So now, they are deciding to give back.

“Fly fishing is the heart of our business, but just because you may not have gotten the chance to learn the art of fly fishing doesn’t mean you are not welcome,” said Mike Malchow, operations manager for Walton Rods. “We support all ethical styles and techniques of fishing. We really love to see people of all walks of life enjoying the many different types of fish species and bodies of water out there.”

What is #kindfly?

#kindfly is a new concept from Walton Rods. With this hashtag, they will be rewarding genuine fly fishing social media users who leave positive comments on photos. All too often the dark side of social media presents itself, mostly through jealously. Negative comments ruin an otherwise positive experience. With this in mind, Walton Rods will never stand for this type of attitude. Instead, those who post genuine encouraging comments will be rewarded when they use the hashtag #kindfly in their message.

“We aren’t expecting to change the world, but it wouldn’t hurt to see more fly fishing love shared throughout social media”, said Brad Smith, owner of Walton Rods. “With something as simple as using a hashtag, and a pure genuine message, we hope to bring the community even closer together.”

The campaign has actually already begun and set to continue indefinitely. So get out there and start being positive in your comments. If Walton Rods finds you, you will earn a bag of swag. Even if you don’t, you will at least brighten up somebody’s day. That alone should be the goal in itself.

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