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Walton Rods Making Moves Before Launch

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

With just one full month left, Walton Rods is getting closer to launch!

Goodness, time sure does go fast. It seems like just yesterday we were designing our first prototype fly rods. Now, just weeks away from officially launching, things are starting to ramp up. Multiple updates are on the horizon, however, here’s what we can share for now.

First off, we have finally given our Series One and Natives Series rods a name. Due to the growing popularity and daily e-mails we are recieving for more information about what we are doing, we have decided it’s in our best interests to separate ourselves a little more from the competition. Going forward, all Series One rods will now be called a Walton C-9. All Natives Series rods will be called a Walton N-7.


In making these name changes, the C-9 (Classic 9 foot), and N-7 (Native 7 foot), will be distinctly Walton rods. As we grow, this will go great lengths to keeping our identity and allow for future expansion of both series of rods. We have been calling our original rod a “new classic” for a while. It’s just time to make it so.

Next up, our exclusively designed, high-performance fly line is going to retail for $50 flat as an individual buy. However, with the purchase of a Walton C-9 or N-7, the line will be discounted to $30. Also, burnt orange 3wt WF Walton line will be made to exclusively pair with the N-7. We will also feature Walton 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, and 7wt weight forward lines in white sand. The reviews of this line has been through the roof and we are excited to get it in your hands.

That’s it for now! Stay turned for some hat give-a-aways and other free goodies before the launch on March 1st! Also, look for our two-page spread in Avid Magazine on store shelves this month!

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