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These 4 Colorado fly fishing rivers equal instant success

Fly Fishing Colorado might be easier than you think!

If you fly fish, you know Colorado is probably the top state in the US for fly fishing. The trout stocking is second to none and the wild population that exists rivals anywhere else in the world. However, the pressure the trout get is pretty crazy. Thankfully, with so many fish, you are still bound to have a good day just about anywhere you go. Some rivers are better than others. All you really need is a 5wt or 6wt, 9ft rod and you are good to go. To get an idea where to start, just see below.

#1. Upper Colorado River

The Colorado river is about as famous of a river as you are going to find. At any launch site, you'll see guide boat after guide boat making their way all chasing trout. From browns to rainbows, the fish are abundant. Having personally fished the Upper Colorado multiple times, this river is a rafters dream. Wade fishing is available as well. Just swing in any fly shop. The spots are abundant. Pay special attention between Canyon Creek and Rock Creek.

#2. South Platte River

The South Platte River is about as synonymous with Colorado fly fishing as any other river in the state. Considering it is often the river of choice for those living in or around Denver, this Gold Medal water does get its fair share of pressure. Regardless though, 20, 30, 40, and higher fish days are not uncommon. This river is also home to the famous "Dream Stream". Located between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile Reservoir, monsters roam those waters.

#3. Blue River

Want to see some true monster rainbows? Well, head to Silverthorne and wade into the Blue River. Most of the giant obscene looking trout that come from Colorado that light up social media come out of this river. You will always have company fishing on one side or the other, but you will see more trout than you will ever be able to catch. Being able to stay in Silverthorne is nice though, as the river runs right the middle of this town.

#4. Gunnison River

If you have the opportunity to make one float on a week long vacation to Colorado, it might sense to make it this one, especially between a Cimarron and Delta. This river can be a little dangerous if you aren't really good on the oars, so fishing with a guide here might be worth the money. This river doesn't get the same pressure as other rivers because getting knocked out of your raft by a boulder is a real possibility. If all that doesn't deter you, trophy browns and rainbows are plentiful.

Colorado is home to some of the best trout waters on the planet. Hopefully, these four rivers will give you a good start to finding success if you ever venture out that way.

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