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The C9 Fly Fishing Rod is Coming Back and Better than Ever

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The OG will be back in full force starting in 2019. 

It’s hard to imagine that this year is already almost over. It’s been a wild ride for Walton Rods, too. As soon as we get another run of rods completed, they sell out. The Sully has been a hit, the N7 is still producing, and now it’s time to bring back the C9. This time though, it’s not the same rod you got to know from when we launched a few years ago. Now, it’s better than ever.

Micah Crider and the updated C9

What’s New?

First off, we made the C9 Fly Rod lighter. It’s actually now lighter than the Sully, which is our lightest rod to date. It’s also a little more true mod-fast vs the more moderate action of the old design. This simple change has created a better casting experience that allows for a little more forgiveness for newer casters, but the ability to launch flies for those that really know what they are doing. You will be able to cast down to your backing once you get a good double haul going, if distance is your thing.

As far as the backbone, it’s the same as it ever was. That was a must we didn’t want to give up in the redesign. There aren’t many fish that you can hook you won’t be able to overpower or wear down in quick order. From carp, smallmouth, pike, muskie, or just big mouse eating rainbows and browns, we got you covered. On the other hand, the delicate tip is perfect for chasing brookies in small natural streams in the lighter weights. It’s because of how light this rod is, mixed with the backbone, we have given this rod the nickname “FeatherBone”. Who knows. It might just stick.

Abigail Crider and her C9

How Much?

The price will be the same, right at $320 for sizes 4wt to 8wt. The 10wt and 12wt models will be $340. By selling direct and creating our rods right here in America, the value you get is worth a rod hundreds more in price. Just one cast and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

This method of fly rod making is the future of the sport. We refuse to be a company that imports completed rods from Asian markets and slaps a 200% to 500% markup (or more) on them, as 95% of the fly fishing industry. This is the reason why we started Walton Rods. This is the reason the C9 was our flagship rod and continues to push boundaries as we move into 2019.

Just like our Sully, we can’t wait to get this fly rod in your hands. Be on the look out. It will be here before you know it.

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