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Ross Rapid, Best Fly Fishing Reel under $100?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The Ross Rapid deserves some consideration if you are in the fly reel market.

Very recently I went was on a redfish trip that required an 8wt reel. As luck would have it, the 8wt I owned was stored neatly in a boat storage locker a long ways away. So, after a quick Amazon purchase, a Ross Rapid 7-8wt showed up on my door. I didn’t have high expectations for a sub $100 reel, but Ross has an impeccable reputation and I was in a jam. Besides, I only needed it for two days, so it was going to have to work.

By no surprise, the Ross Rapid performed flawlessly. Several of the fish we were after took me into my backing the the drag system was seamless. There was more than enough arbor space to handle 100 yards of backing, plus 90 feet of line with no rubbing at all. For only $99.89, I was impressed to say the least.

An all around good reel

Upon getting back here to Indiana, I took the Ross Rapid on a carp trip. No carp were caught, but I did land a 20″ smallmouth. I’m not a big fan of reels that click constantly. I mean, it’s cool. But I like silent. Thankfully, the Rapid is silent. Seeing as it’s designed for saltwater and freshwater use, this reel is going to continue to get a workout.

Speaking of getting a workout, what made me make this decision is that I know several guide outfits that only use the Ross Rapid as their client reel. To put it simple, these reels can take abuse, stand up to the test of time, and continue to come back for more.

You can find the Ross Rapid all over through a simple Google search. Only a 3/4wt spare spool is still available on their site. I’d recommend picking one up.

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