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Our Kickstarter is Days Away! Here’s Why You Want a Walton Fly Rod

It’s time for you to get your hands on a Walton Fly Rod. 

The build up to our Walton Rods official launch via Kickstarter has been pretty intense. Our influx of emails and social media comments has intensified and we are expecting good things come 3/1. We keep getting asked about how we can offer rods for $15 and $17 on the evening of the event. Well, we can’t. However, we can offer 4 of them total. There will be two of the 4/5wt C-9’s and two of the 3/4wt N-7’s. After that, the tiers of prices will go up.

However, before we get to all that in a few days, check out this incredible video put together by Mountain Craft Productions. They have been behind a lot of our videos and the quality is just incredible. This video here is every reason we know why you would want a Walton.

As you can guess, there will be a rush to get in the Kickstarter right at 8pm, central. However, if you are still wanting an incredible deal on a rod, let us recommend you try to avoid that rush and go straight for a second or third tier option of your selected size. That way, you are sure you are going to get one. Otherwise, you might miss out on them all. All rods are expected to be delivered in June of 2017.

Whatever your strategy on March 1st, good luck.

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