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Meet David Tejedor (@davidpikefly) – He’s Our March Featured Fly Fisherman of the Month

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We finally get to meet the man behind all those crazy huge pike pictures all over Instagram. 

If you have an Instagram account and follow any fly fishermen, chances are good you have seen some pike that David Tejedor has caught. Some of the pictures of the fish he has caught have gone so viral, they have been shared millions of times. He is also one of the first people, if not the actual first, to catch a wels catfish on a fly rod. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to be able to get to ask him a few questions and see what makes him tick.

This only goes to show you that fly fishing is a global adventure. We all share the same passion and it’s just awesome to see.

WALTON RODS – Seeing all your pictures on Instagram, I can only assume you aren’t fishing in America. Where are you actually located? 

  1. David Trejedor – You are correct, I live in the northern part of Spain but I usually fish in all parts of the peninsula.

Your tagline says you are an outdoor photographer and fishing guide. Is this your full time job? 

A post shared by David Tejedor Royo (@davidpikefly) on Mar 7, 2018 at 8:46am PST

  1. Well, at the moment I am not a full-time fishing guide and photographer, but I invest 100% of my free time, not only to fish but also to take pictures. In a short time I hope to have my website ready where I will offer all my services and I will update my personal portfolio.

Speaking of being a wildlife photographer, those photos you take are just insane. Do you have a crew with you, or are you setting these fish pictures up on your own? That picture of you picking up that giant pike, is just crazy. How does that come about?

A post shared by David Tejedor Royo (@davidpikefly) on Nov 24, 2017 at 10:02am PST

  1. I almost always go out with a good friend, he is not a photographer, so he often holds the fish. Other times it’s me in the photo. I choose the background, I prepare the camera, and he simply shoots. That photo of the big pike that went viral and is in hundreds of instagram accounts has a funny story. After 4 days with my friend, Javi, he decided to return to the city to go back to work. I had the impression that fishing was going to change. When he left, I was in the water early in the morning with my fishing gear, camera, and a tripod. At the moment I hooked the fish, I knew it was huge. I placed the tripod and started recording, then I took some pictures. Finally I returned it to the water.

Do you have a specific pike fly that tends to produce better than others? 

  1. In the last years I have used Paolo Pacciarini’s Wiggle tails a lot. I use them in several patterns.

So how about these Wels catfish? How in the world do you even go about targeting them on the fly? That fight has to be tough. Have they broken rods on you?  

A post shared by David Tejedor Royo (@davidpikefly) on Mar 8, 2018 at 2:27am PST

  1. I started fishing catfish in the late 90s. It was a new species in my area, so I had very little information about the fish, the first few years were disastrous, but step by step I got to know the behavior of the fish. In 2008 I got my first 2 meter catfish with fly rod. It was probably one of the first big cats caught with fly. They are also absolutely a very strong fish. It does not get tired easily and fishing in the river is complicated by obstacles and the current. In fact, I have broken several rods. They always take them to the limit.

Regardless of species, do you have a fish that you have caught that stands out more than the rest? 

A post shared by David Tejedor Royo (@davidpikefly) on Feb 5, 2018 at 9:15am PST

  1. After remembering my beginnings with the catfish and my journey with pike, if I had to highlight a single fish, maybe it would be Lucio (the pike) of which we have spoken before. It is without a doubt that fish with which we all dream daily.

Do you have any fishing trips planned for 2018? What can we look forward to seeing on your instagram page? 

  1. Unfortunately I am a fisherman with limited resources and I can not afford big and expensive trips. I will continue doing what I can in my country; fishing, taking pictures, and now also video! I hope this year to be able to film the capture of a large catfish with fly rod.

Thank you David for taking the time to answer these questions! The language barrier I’m sure was pain, but thanks again for sharing some insight into what you do!

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