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Here’s How to Win Big At the Walton Rods Kickster on 3/1

We are two weeks away from our official launch! 

Man, the clock keeps on ticking. March 1st is right around the corner and when 9pm Eastern rolls around, or 8pm Central, you are going to want to be on the Walton Rods Kickstarter page if you expect to cash in on some of the best deals in fly fishing you are going to see this year.

Before we get into the strategy of things, we wanted to announce that we added hats to the third tier rod selections of our Kickstarter prices and rewards seen here. That way, you will have two chances to get the grand prize package at a fraction of the final price. However, before you can even claim any backer reward, you have to be a member of Kickstarter. Go HERE, create an account, and log in the night of 3/1 about 10 minutes before 9:00pm Eastern time. That way, you are ready to roll right when the Walton Rods Kickstarter goes live. All rods are expected to be delivered in June of 2017.


However, in order to claim those limited prizes, you are going to have to be sneaky about it. We have been getting pounded with e-mails, texts, IM’s, Instagram messages, Facebook messages, Twitter messages, and you name it. Everyone wants to know what they have to do to make sure they get our rods, line, and gear at some of those early backer rewards as well as how to join our team. Well, you have to be an early backer! No matter what you do, don’t miss 9pm Eastern, 8pm central sharp, on 3/1. The kickstarter page will not be live until 9:00pm/8:00pm and the second it does, the first people to claim those rewards will get them, first come first served.

Walton Rods team member, Drew Baker

More Strategy

Here’s what we recommend: DON’T GO FOR THE TOP REWARD FIRST! If you do that, you’ll likely miss the second tier rewards as well. We are expecting a flood of people ready to claim the top two tiered backer packages. If you get lost in the mix, you might miss out completely. Of course though, we would love for you to pick up the whole combo at the top tier option. However, the early birds will get the san juan worms – God, that was cheesy.

So, to sum this up, pick the package you want, study this page, and claim those rewards ASAP on 3/1. As you can see on that link, even as the Kickstarter prices increase, you get a lot more stuff in return. If you just want a rod, no problem. You want a rod, line, and a hat, you can do that too.

Oh yeah, and if you are interested in joining our team, we are growing very selective. However, preference will be given to people who already have our equipment from our pre-sale, and now from our upcoming Kickstarter. Sharing pictures of Walton Rods, writing articles, and showing us how you are spreading the word goes a long way.

You will not get a second chance at prices like these again. GOOD LUCK!

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