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Giant Carp Taken on the Walton Rods Series One

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The Walton Rods Series One fly fishing rod sure does deliver. 

Walton Rods will be launching their first line of fly rods very soon called the “Series One”. These rods are designed to be all around workhorse rods that can handle any situation thrown at them. For example, Walton Rods co-founder Mike Malchow was out putting a 5/6 Series One prototype through the ringer carp fishing in Colorado. Man, did he get a big one.

As you are about to see, Mike put the hurting on a carp so big it wouldn’t even fit in the net. He was using a small bead head nymph and dropping the flies right in front of their mouths so the carp no other choice but to inhale it. As he said after he caught the fish, it was about a 45 minute battle in which that carp gave him everything it had.

Yes, that is what a big carp looks like. What’s more, it came on a Walton Rods Series One. We are awfully proud of our fly rods and seeing them in action taking down fish like that just makes them that much more special.

Stay tuned, as it looks like now we will have a small run of limited quantity of rods available in October.

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