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5 Best Lakes to Fish In Indiana

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The best lakes to fish in Indiana just might be closer than you think!

Indiana isn’t known for its fishing prowess, however, if you know where to look, there are diamonds in the rough just waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered by lucky fishermen. Of all fish species that swim in the Hoosier state, bass is king, but crappie might be a close second. Of course anglers flock to Monroe, Patoka, or Potato Creek, but there are a few other lakes that just might be better at the right times and the right places.

To get things started, and in no particular order, we are going to list some lakes that you’ve probably heard of, or maybe some that you haven’t. This year, it’s worth your time to at least give one of these a try. You might be in for a surprise.

Lake Freeman, Monticello, Indiana

For those that know, Lake Freeman is one of the top smallmouth lakes that exist in Indiana. A reservoir formed by the formation of the Oakdale dam, Freeman has 20+ inch smallmouth under almost every dock, stump, or rocky shoreline. All you have to do is go find them.

best lakes to fish in Indiana

Don’t think for a second Freeman doesn’t have a great largemouth population either. Most anglers tie into some monsters fishing umbrella rigs or working poppers chasing those giant smallies.

West Boggs, Loogootee, Indiana

Some might be surprised to see West Boggs on this list. The state drained West Boggs just a few years ago and restocked it. Since then, the lake is full of 2-3 pound bass with bigger ones still in the mix that survived the draining. Indiana is making sure West Boggs is going to be a success and they are putting the effort to making this lake a trophy fishery.

We’ve been told West Boggs currently compares to fishing a farm pond or a golf course pond. Fish are everywhere and just flat out easy to catch.

Salamonie Reservoir, Andrews, Indiana

Do you love crappie? Do you love crappie in huge numbers and big sizes? Well, look into Salamonie reservoir this summer and bring a bunch of jigs and crappie minnows. A lot compare Salamonie to crappie lakes people fish in the South, but thankfully, this A+ lake is a little closer to home.

You see a lot of crappie anglers spider rigging. However, just find some timber and drop down a crappie minnow, and you’ll be pulling in slabs in no-time. Rumors of 100 fish days are not uncommon and limiting out in less than an hour can be done when the bite is really on.

Lake Webster, North Webster, Indiana

Some of the largest bass we’ve ever caught in Indiana have come from Lake Webster. The fact we were throwing 12″ muskie lures and giant bass often have the tendency to hit those sometimes helps the odds a little. Even though Webster is often considered only a muskie lake, the bass population makes it one of the best. From mid lake humps, points, weeds, shad schools, shallows, and pads, this lake just has it all.

best lakes to fish in Indiana

Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana

Do you love walleye? Yes. Indiana has walleye and they live elsewhere than Brookeville. For years, Maxinkuckee was Indiana’s premier walleye lake. Through stocking, research, and funding, Brookeville Reservoir has become the undisputed king. However, Maxinkuckee on a good day can give any Wisconsin or Minnesota lake a good run for its money.

Intentionally, we left what we really thought were the best lakes to fish in Indiana off of this list. Seeing as we are from Indiana, and we know how the Internet works, once a great lake gets known, they are no longer great. The five lakes we listed here are easily found on search engines and are known to many. To really find your best lake Indiana has to offer, just get out there and fish.

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