RCT Spinning/Casting Rod

RCT Spinning/Casting Rod

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Top of the line rod components that perform under pressure with the ability to deliver multiple fishing styles and presentations; this is what the RCT Rod is all about. All RCT rods are designed to fish a spinnerbait in the morning, a jig under a dock in the afternoon, while still being able to finish the day with a frog in the pads. Not only was this lineup built for this, it excels at it.


The RCT saltwater rods were designed in Costa Rica and will hold up to anything the salt has to offer. With these rods, you’ll understand what makes them different as soon as you pick one up. From casting in the surf, paddling lagoons and bays on a kayak or SUP, to targeting schools from a boat, the RCT will not let you down.


The Walton RCT Fishing Rod is a blend of practically mixed with an evolution of passion and technology. It all starts with a proprietary mid-modulus graphite blank coated in a metallic paint that makes this rod stand out on the water. Minima guides offer 20 to 30% less weight than standard guides and were a must when putting everything together. We trusted the proven quality of Fuji to supply the professional grade, open blank concept reel seats for added sensitivity. Finally, tournament class cork handles were added to set off the finishing touches. The result is a rod that feels electric and performs the same way.


    You have 14 days from the date of your purachse to return your rod for any reason for a full refund. After 14 days, your respective rod warranty will be in effect. 

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