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C-9 Classic Rod

The Walton Rods C-9 (Classic 9-foot) is our flagship design. With an aggressive taper from cork to tip, you’ll find an incredible backbone coupled with a very soft top section. What this allows is a rod that can handle big fish with a great backbone and still be delicate when the need arises. You’ll find this series of rod to be a smooth caster that can really get on a double haul if you have to fight the wind, or chuck a large streamer.

All C-9’s feature 68 million modulus IM7 graphite blanks with a medium fast action. Every grip is composite cork so it won’t break apart after a few years of heavy fishing. Couple all this with the Walton Rods lifetime warranty and being handcrafted in the USA, you have a rod that is going to last for a very long time.

(Pricing – includes cordura rod tube)

9ft, 4-5wt, 4pc – $320
9ft, 5-6wt, 4pc – $320
9ft, 6-7wt, 4pc – $320

Walton Series One Fly Rod
Walton Native Series Fly Rod

Walton Native Series Fly Rods

Just like with our C-9 Series rods, the N-7 (Native 7-foot) has been created to go after fish where a typical 9-foot rod won’t always work. As a 7ft small water masterpiece. Using the same proprietary high modulus IM7 blanks and same built in taper as our C-9, this medium action rod has been scaled down to get into places that are just hard to reach.

More Native Series rods are on the horizon, but for now, the small water rod will be your choice when casting conditions are tight and the dry fly bite is on. The same USA craftsmanship and lifetime warranty Walton Rods is known for will make this rod high on your list of favorite rods in your collection.

(Pricing – includes metal tube)

7ft, 3-4wt, 2pc – $275.

The Sully

You have asked and we have answered. With that, we are happy to Introduce the Sully. This rod was designed by our Operations Manager, who also happens to be a Colorado fishing guide. After the launch of our C-9, we already had plans for a lighter, faster action fly rod. With the help of our team members all over the country, Mike Malchow stepped up to the plate and went to work.

We started with premium graphite blanks that are super sensitive and very fast, but not too fast. In our opinion and many others, it’s the perfect fast. From there, high grade cork was matched that melds into your hands and simply disappears. Other components were selected not only because of their overall beauty, but also because of their lightness, and durability. To top it all off, every single piece of this rod is handcrafted in the USA with a *lifetime warranty for only $285.

During this entire process, we have been asked multiple times how we can offer such a low cost for this rod. The answer is simple. It’s because we can and we don’t believe in gouging fly fisherman just because we have a quality fly rod, like is so often the case in the industry.

Because of how happy Mike was with this rod, he decided to name it after his lifelong best friend and fishing partner, his dog Sully. It’s hard to imagine Mike fly fishing anywhere without Sully somewhere nearby, and that is how we believe this fly rod will be for you.

(Pricing includes metal tube)

9ft, 4pc, 5wt  –  $285
9ft, 4pc, 6wt with fighting butt – $285

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