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Officially launching March 1st, 2017! 

Walton Rods was founded with one simple thing in mind; to make the best rods possible for the money. It was also very important to us that all of our rods are handcrafted in America with American hands. This was a must and also hard to find in the fishing industry. So what went into building a great rod? This has been a question we’ve been asked quite a bit. Well, here’s the answer…

We’ve all noticed a growing trend of higher and higher prices in the fishing industry. So, after several years of testing and countless hours spent on the water, we are finally able to do something about it. Not much to our surprise, we found we were able to build a fly rod with high quality components along with 68 million modulus graphite blanks, and charge much less than what fishermen are used to paying.

For most of us, we just want to grab a fly rod that is going to get the job done no matter what, no questions asked. We started with a tapered design in the blank. This unique feature allows for a crazy amount of reserve energy that is there when you need it, but gone when you don’t. A soft tip allows for strong hooksets that won’t break the fish off or break the rod, while the backbone will wear down a carp or a bonefish just as easy as it will make short work out of a big gnarly cutthroat. On another note, if you want a rod that will roll cast like none other, you just found it.

We also wanted a composite grip. A lot of cork grips eventually split and crack. If you are like us, paying good money for a rod only to watch the cork break away is terrible feeling. Again, we stopped that. We also wanted snake guides to allow for better line flow and oversized tips for maximum distance when needed. Nothing is going to slow the line down. We have engineered out as many dampening factors as we could. To top it all off, we added beautiful machine cut reel seats that will make your reel pop in photos.

As far as the weight of the rod, when matched with the properly sized reel, this rod will simply disappear in your hands. All day casting streamers is not a problem. High sticking a nymph for hours is an easy task. As we have found, fishing isn’t fun when your arm starts to hurt after a couple hours of casting.

When it comes to a warranty, we got you covered. If you break your fly rod for any reason, other than just blatant abuse, shoot us an e-mail and let us know. In most cases you will be asked to send your rod back to us in the condition that it was broken with an $80 check or money order. Once we receive the rod, we will either repair or replace it.

As a natural progression, 100% USA made fly reels are in the works for 2017. On top of that, fly line and apparel is also on the horizon.

If you are like us and just want a fly rod, reel, and gear that is handcrafted, high quality, guide backed, and will get the job done, then you just found your next favorite setup.

See you on the water,

Brad Smith

Brad Smith
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